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The 2 criteria to carefully choose your security cabinet

How to choose your security cabinet?

As with a safe, the choice of a security cabinet depends on several factors:

  • the level of protection against fire and/or theft, depending on the values you wish to protect.
  • the space requirement and floor load, which determine the location of your future security cabinet and how it is fixed in place, for example in a bedroom or office if the walls are strong enough or on the floor in a garage or cellar.

Because every detail is important, we will be happy to visit you to assess the situation and give you appropriate advice.

Insurance and safety standards

Why and how to ensure your valuables?

Just as with safes, the requirements of insurance companies depend on three criteria for a security cabinet:

  • the level of protection - fire and/or theft protection: the higher it is, the more the company will be prepared to offer a good policy.
  • contents: paper documents, hard disks, cash, jewellery, etc.
  • location: commercial premises, office, villa, or apartment.

We are familiar with the requirements of insurance companies and are therefore able to provide you with professional advice.

Unique personalisation of your security cabinet

Personalise your security cabinet?

Coffres-forts Rondo can customise your safe so that it meets your needs exactly: precious wood interiors, leather-lined drawers, LED lighting, special painting, automatic watch winders, etc. We work with specialised artisans.

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